Please join us on Patreon!

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Please join us on Patreon:

We’ve been working on SuperCucos for five years now, always trying to create engaging videos for kids to learn Chinese.

We are getting financial support by YouTube ads. Unfortunately, the fluctuating income barely helps us to cover the costs of the software and the artwork that we license. We’ve asked for some financial support to several official institutions, but we may be too small (or too indie) for them to notice us.

After thinking about that for a long time, we’ve decided to launch this Patreon to seek for a bit of extra help. As most of our subscribers are families, we don’t want to burden you with more expenses, so we’ve launched with a tier that won’t cost you more than a cup of noodles.

With your help we will be able to create more videos and extra content in different formats in a near future.


Super Cucos